USB TrackMan Wheel

Category: Input Device
Manufacturer: Logitech
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 4.2Mb
Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Mac OS 8.6 and later
Latest Version / Release Date: 9.8 / 09 Sep 2008

Windows device driver information for USB TrackMan Wheel

The USB TrackMan Wheel is a silver gray mouse with a sleek design which makes it appealing to users. It gives users easy browsing which is fast and accurate. Motion on this mouse is recorded optically and this keeps it clean unlike in mechanical movements which require constant maintenance practices. It has a software technology of marble sensing which guarantees optimum use of the device. This includes smooth and precise tracking of data. It is made in a sleek design which gives users precise and fast cursor movements due to its convenient thumb control. It fits comfortably in the hand and it is created to accommodate users who are right-handed only. It is fitted with a comfortable scroll wheel and three buttons which can be customized. It uses a USB interface and the package comes complete with the device and the USB adapters among others.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates

The USB TrackMan Wheel requires an interface of USB type or mouse-6 pin mini-DIN which is of a PS/2 kind. It uses an optical tracking type and it requires cables for its connection. It uses a cable for its connectivity technology as a pointing device. It has one scroll wheel and it comes fitted with software called MouseWare. Its dimensions are a width of 7.88 inches by a height of 9.76 inches. it has a shipping weight of 0.92 lb. other shipping dimensions include a depth of 8.25 inches, a height of 3.25inches and a width of 10.25 inches. This device is easy to set up and use. It is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, Vista and 2000. It requires a platform of personal computers and Macintosh. Its latest version of drivers should be downloaded from the manufacturer's official website to ensure that the device works at high speeds and with stability. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and USB TrackMan Wheel errors before installing any driver updates.