VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device

Category: Network and Modem
Manufacturer: NetComm
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 10.6 KB
Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Latest Version / Release Date: 3.2 / 21 Feb 2003

Windows device driver information for VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device

This driver version designed for the VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device enables its supported device to carry out asynchronous data communication over analog connections. The VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device is a modem (modulator-demodulator) that has support for a host of communication networks. When installed, this software driver will enable various communication applications to have access to the feature sets of its supported modem device and achieve a connection to other computer systems and networks for sharing resources. The VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device is capable of implementing (with the software driver’s aid) a transmission speed fallback that is automatic. It can likewise provide a data transmission rate of 33.6 kilobytes per second maximum. Dropping the rate of the transmission speed is carried out so as to prevent data transfer errors that may result in corrupted packets. Line noise is the most typical cause for a fallback in transmission in the case of analog networks.

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The software driver for the VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device likewise aids the device in employing its fax messaging functionality, aside from giving support for the device’s data transmission function. This modem’s fax messaging function has a transmission rate of 14.4 kilobytes per second which is significantly speedier as opposed to receiving and transmitting data. Both the fax and data functionalities of the VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device are fully compliant with the industry specification modulations along with error correction and compression protocols. The modem device can likewise be utilized for testing the line’s quality and the connection’s status. The installation of the software driver for the VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device also enables communication as well as terminal emulation programs to test the modem’s capability of successfully transmitting and receiving data. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and VoiceMaster 336 Wave Device errors before installing any driver updates.