W9967, WDM Video Capture

Category: Monitor and Video Card
Manufacturer: ViPower
Caution Level: Medium
Download File Size: 3.7 MB
Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.0.0 / 08 Mar 2002

Windows device driver information for W9967, WDM Video Capture

The W9967, WDM Video Capture device utilizes the WDM (Windows Driver Model) video capture minidrivers for communicating with either the Stream or AVSTream class interfaces for controlling hardware devices. These hardware devices are those that mainly create video data streams with auxiliary data like FM/AM tuner capability or TV audio. The W9967, WDM Video Capture device is used for capturing both uncompressed and compressed video streams from analog or digital video sources like S-Video, USB, RCA and IEEE 1394 video in jacks. It is also used for capturing VBI or vertical blanking internal data, timecode, video coming from video port streams. Further, this device can be used for controlling video ports and devices related to video streams like crossbars or signal routing devices, radio/TV tuners, video compressors and TV audio control. The W9967, WDM Video Capture device is likewsie utilized for controlling camera properties including focus, pan and zoom, and video properties like brightness, saturation, sharpness and hue. Lastly, this device is capable of providing kernel mode WDM steaming and user mode DirectShow compatibility.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates

With the incorporation of MPEG decoders, DVD, tuners, video decoders, audio codecs, VPEs or video port extensions in one adapter, a driver model that is unified and can support the said devices and manage resource contention makes development offers simplified. The Stream and AVStream class interfaces are capable or providing a framework that can offer support for incorporated devices. Both the 2 interfaces have support for data transfer among drivers in kernel mode. These data transfer operations do not need a thread for transitioning to user mode so it can prevent a performance hit. The 2 interfaces also support a streaming uniform model for both custom and standard data types. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and W9967, WDM Video Capture errors before installing any driver updates.