Category: USB
Manufacturer: Watchport

Windows device driver information for Watchport/T

The Watchport/T is a plug and play USB sensor which is used for remote monitoring. The Watchport/T is a part of the Watchport Series which is a complete line of Plug and Play USB devices for any kind of environment. USB products range from sensors for distance/proximity, acceleration/tilt, humidity/temperature, water and temperature. The Watchport/T is for temperature sensor. It is USB 1.0 and 1.1 compatible and has a backwards compatibility for 2.0. It also includes a USB base, a RJ-45 sensing device and Watchport Manager software. The Watchport/T remotely monitors and configures temperature sensors on an IP network with AnywhereUSB®/5. The Watchport Manager software has the following functions: a centralized device status, historical data logging, user-defined thresholds, email, pager and onscreen alarms used for remote monitoring, an easy integration with the use of different sensors without the need for additional software developments, and it minimized into a system tray to be able to save screen space.

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For the Watchport/T as well as the Watchport/H they collect both relative humidity (RH) and temperature data. It provides compensated RH reading for temperature. It makes use of ASCII command interface and it has a maximum reading rate or 20 per second. The following is the temperature accuracy of the Watchport/T +/- 3.6º F (+/- 2º C) at -40º F to 14º F (-40º C to -10º C), +/- 0.9º F (+/- 0.5º C) at 14º F to 185º F (-10º C to 85º C). The RH accuracy of this tool is +/- 5% at 0-90% non-condensing; +/- 8% over 90%, with an RH stability of +/- 1% RH (typical) at 50% RH in 5 years. Power consumption is only about 15mA (normal) and 1.0 mA (suspend mode). The operating systems supported by this tool are: Windows Vista®, Windows Server® 2008, Windows® XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows NT®, Windows NT Embedded, Windows CE, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98/SE, Windows 95, and Windows Server® 2003. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Watchport/T errors before installing any driver updates.