Windigo Virtual Audio Device (WDM)

Category: Multimedia & Audio
Manufacturer: Windigo
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: xxkb
Operating System: Windows XP/2K3
Latest Version / Release Date: / Jan-08-2003

Windows device driver information for Windigo Virtual Audio Device (WDM)

The Windigo Virtual Audio Device (WDM) is a soft audio device that installs in the windows driver folder with the name vadmulti.sys. The driver normally has a path name such as c:\windows\system32\drivers\vadmulti.sys in the hard disc. This driver runs in the background but it is visible under the sound and audio device from the control panel. Its hardware identity is VADMulti and it uses the info file called that is used for the device installation and management by the operating system. This driver comes as part of the Windigo USB Device that uses the Bluetooth stack software to connect with wireless audio devices used by mobile phones. This allows the Bluetooth manager software to connect to regular computers with a wireless headset instead of using wires associated with normal speakers and microphones. After installing the software users need to pair the devices to have access to the audio device.

Outdated Drivers?

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Windigo Virtual Audio Device (WDM) is a Microsoft compatible device that comes with drivers that install in the windows or program directory. But it runs in the background and can be stopped without destabilizing windows operating system. This software has versions that can work with 32 or 64 bit computers. It comes as part of the Bluetooth manager software that is used by the Windigo USB device to wirelessly connect paired Bluetooth headsets to computers. Before users can utilize this audio device they need to check if it is correctly installed. This can be done by viewing Windigo Virtual Audio Device under the sound and audio device from the device manger that can be from the control panel. Windigo Virtual Audio Device (WDM) is identified as VADMulti in windows but it uses the file for installation, updates and management. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Windigo Virtual Audio Device (WDM) errors before installing any driver updates.