Windows Serial Port Mouse

Category: Mouse
Manufacturer: Microsoft

Windows device driver information for Windows Serial Port Mouse

The Windows Serial Port Mouse is a device used in manipulating a computer. The goal of a mouse is to translate the hand motion of the user into signals that the computer can recognize. The typical mouse has a ball that touches the desktop and rolls when the mouse is moving. Inside the mouse, there are two rollers that touch the ball. One of the rollers detects the motion in the X direction and the other detects the motion in the Y direction. As the ball rotates, one or both rollers rotate as well. Each of the rollers connects to the shaft as well as the shaft pins as the rollers roll. On both sides of the disk, an infrared LED and an infrared sensor can be found. The hole in the disk disrupts the ray of light that is emitted by the infrared. The rate of the pulsing depends greatly on the speed of the mouse as well as the distance it travels.

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An on-board processor chip can read the pulse from the sensors and then turns them into binary data that can be understood by the computer. It is sent through the mouse's cord. The Windows Serial Port Mouse is a device manufactured by Microsoft. Microsoft is a company that produces software, hardware, and other creative solutions that can be used for personal and business needs. They use five business segments in order to serve the users. These are the client, server and tools, online services business, Microsoft Business Division and Entertainment and Devices Division. They evolve their company as well as accelerate new technologies for innovations. As the Microsoft company advances and continues to embark on fundamental research; partnerships with universities, governments and other sectors are present. Other Microsoft companies include: Microsoft Research, Microsoft Innovation Centers, and Experience Innovation. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Windows Serial Port Mouse errors before installing any driver updates.