Aliases: W32/Cianam.A , WORM_CIANAM.A , IRC_CIANAM.A , CIANAM.A , Win32/[email protected] , [email protected] , W32.Cianam.Worm
Variants: WORM_CIANAM.A [Trend]

Classification: Malware
Category: Computer Worm

Status: active
Spreading: Low
Geographical info: Low
Removal: Moderate
Platform: W32
Discovered: 27 Sep 2002
Damage: low

Characteristics: It is said that W32.Cianam.Worm spread through the mIRC and KaZaA file-sharing networks. This was created using a Microsoft visual basic programming language.

More details about W32.Cianam.Worm

Reports show that this program has the capability of a mass-mailing worm which uses Microsoft Outlook to send itself to all contacts in the Microsoft Outlook Address Book. Thus, users of this program should always be wary of what emails are to be trusted and deleted. An email that is said to have this virus contains a randomly chosen subject line and a file attachment with the extension .exe, .com, .jpg, .mpg, .txt, .doc, .mp3, .asp, .htm, or .php. When the W32.Cianam.Worm program is running in the computer, it displays a message that says: “[email protected] by Maniac89[Spiderman]/IndoVirus.” The worm then runs each time the user of the computer starts Windows. Virus is present when it already copied itself and you may see a filename, “C:\Cool_File.exe.” If this file is created, the worm then looks for either two of these folders: C:\Program Files\KaZaA\My Shared Folder and C:\KaZaA\My Shared Folder. If the worm finds it, you may see filename such as MSN Crack.exe, MSN Hack.exe, ICQ Password Hack.exe, HotMail Hack.exe, SpiderMan-PC-Game-v2 FullDownloader.exe, ICQ Hack.exe, and Windows (All Versions) KeyGen.exe. The same goes for mIRC and Microsoft Outlook folders. The worm also looks for these folders and makes .exe files.

Also users are suggested to be on guard when receiving Outlook email messages that may contain subjects such as ”Why are you so angry at me,” Why are you so sad,”Why are you so useless,”Why are you so hateful,”Why are you so playful,”Funny Tool for you,” or anything that contains the word funny or telling you to do something. Messages also contain attachments which should not be opened or even clicked.