fumoei.exe Process Information

Process Name: Download Manager
Author: Free Download Manager.ORG

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System Process:
Uses network:
Hardware related:
Background Process:
Security risk 0-5:

What is fumoei exe?

The process fumoei.exe is closely associated with the functions of a download management application, which is software that is exclusively dedicated to the task of downloading (or even uploading at times) files that are located in various sites on the Internet that are commonly referred to as host sites. The utilization of the fumoei.exe process is in relation to file transfer processes done from one computer system to another, which commonly transpires without regard for the underlying operating system of both machines and fully dependent on an active Internet connection. The transfer time involved largely depends on the size of the file being transferred, the speed of the client's Internet connection, and the bandwidth implemented by the server for file downloading.The deployment of the file fumoei.exe supports the commonly found client-server architecture that exists in most computer networks. Moreover, the functions provided by the process fumoei.exe is distinctly different from those performed by a Web browser since the latter is software primarily designed for viewing pages on the Internet.The role of the fumoei.exe process is to present a feasible method of transferring files that is done by dissecting larger files into smaller chunks and ensuring error free movement of every piece of data to the permanent storage device located on the client’s computer. Taking this feature into consideration, the download manager supported by the process fumoei.exe provides the user with a means of recovering from transmission errors without necessarily sacrificing the completed segment of the file. This allows for faster transfers based on the allowable and available bandwidth.The fumoei.exe process is a specific component of the Free Download Manager application, which is identified as a robust and user friendly program that manages and accelerates the download process in a safe manner provided via an open source software licensing distribution. This type of licensing is under GPL and allows for the usage of the Free Download Manager application including its incorporated tools and utilities without royalty obligations to the original developers. In particular, the fumoei.exe process provides the software application with the necessary capability of integrating with the Outlook Express program that is a component of the Microsoft Office Suite.The process fumoei.exe supports the multilingual feature of the application including the FTP and the HTTP transfer protocols that are commonly used for the downloading process. The ability to resume suspended downloads provides the user with the functionality of connecting to the Internet service on a per need basis without the possibility of encountering problems regarding disconnected downloads. The fumoei.exe process also supports the creation of group folders through its embedded ability to dictate the specific file extensions that can be stored in designated folders.

Should You Remove fumoei exe?

If you are asking yourself if it is safe to remove fumoei.exe from your Windows system then it is understandable that it is causing trouble. fumoei.exe is not a critical component and a non-system process. Any process that is not managed by the system is known as non-system processes. It is safe to terminate the non-system process as they do not affect the general functionality of the operating system. However, the program using the non-system processes will be either terminated or halted.

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Fix fumoei.exe Error?

There are many reasons why you are seeing fumoei.exe error in your Windows system including:

Malicious software
Malicious software infects the system with malware, keyloggers, spyware, and other malicious actors. They slow down the whole system and also cause .exe errors. This occurs because they modify the registry which is very important in the proper functioning of processes.
Incomplete installation
Another common reason behind fumoei.exe error is an incomplete installation. It can happen because of errors during installation, lack of hard disk space, and crash during install. This also leads to a corrupted registry causing the error.

Application conflicts and Missing or corrupt windows drivers can also lead to fumoei.exe error.

The solution to fixing fumoei.exe error include any one of the following

  • Make sure your PC is protected with proper anti-virus software program.
  • Run a registry cleaner to repair and remove the Windows registry that is causing fumoei.exe error.
  • Make sure the system’s device drivers are updated properly.

It is also recommended that you run a performance scan to automatically optimize memory and CPU settings.

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Is a fumoei.exe CPU intensive?

Windows process requires three resource types to function properly including CPU, Memory, and Network. CPU cycles to do computational tasks, memory to store information and network to communicate with the required services. If any of the resources are not available, it will either get interrupted or stopped.

Any given process has a process identification number(PID) associated with it. A user can easily identify and track a process using its PID. Task Manager is a great way to learn how much resources fumoei.exe process is allocating to itself. It showcases process resource usage in CPU/Memory/Disk and Network. If you have a GPU, it will also showcase the percentage of GPU it is using to run the process.