Error 1237

Information for error 1237

Error 1237 indicates that the operation being worked on could not be completed. Therefore, users should perform a retry’. This code can also be displayed as ‘ERROR _RETRY or as value 0x4D5. When this error occurs, partitioning drive C in the bid to make an extension of additional OS will be very difficult due to the existence of the G drive containing the “My Documents” folder. Therefore trying to uninstall any program, the error code 1237 will be displayed on the computer screen and the error message can also get into the next drive if its label is changed. This error code makes it impossible to reinstall, uninstall or repair any program through disk configuration.

If the above problem is the case, then to resolve the problem one is required to run the Sygate Personal Firewall installer again to see whether it provides an option to remove them that way. However, running the sygate firewall can fix the problem if it was installed in E before changing it into G. If the above solution does not work, one may be required to juggle the drive letters temporarily and interchange drive G in E then carry out a standard un-installation process. Within the computer management console, the drive letters can be changed from there to enable fix the problem in a convenient way.