Error 1275

Information for error 1275

Error 1275 is an internal error that occurs when accessing one of the applications libraries. When the CDO rendering library or CDO library calls MAPI one gets the zero desired return. The zero return means that the call was successful and generated the expected results. At other times MAPI returns an error value or warning value to the CDO libraries. A warning call indicates a partially successful call that could have produced unexpected results or consequence. When the call is unsuccessful an error code 1275 is returned. The error and warning codes are all non-zero values. Warning values contain the high order bit zero but the error values are usually set to one.

The CDO libraries generally are used in defining 32-bit form library constants for all relevant error and warning codes, and they can be provided in numeric and alphabetic order. Programs running on a 16-bit platform cannot access these types of library constants. These kinds of programs then need testing against the low order word of the constants value that is incremented by decimal 1000. MAPI returns the 32-bit values to Visual Basic for both errors and warnings. Visual Basic treats the two differently, by passing errors to the CDO libraries as 32-bit codes.