Error 1306

Information for error 1306

Error 1306 error occurs when an attempt to initiate an installation on a computer fails. This failure to install usually occurs when information that is in the license file cannot be read by the installer. It is a requirement with CD-ROM installations that the correct set up of the license file be carried out before any attempts are made to initiate the installation. If this rule is not observed, the error 1306 occurs. To resolve the error 1306, there are a number of basic procedures that one can take into effect. If it is indicated that a certain feature either does not exist or is corrupted in the license, one could add the identified feature before attempting to reinstall.

Sometimes, a failed installation can also be caused by the use of an outdated version of a license. In such a situation, one should immediately upgrade to the correct version before trying to reinstall. Prior to reinstalling from the CD-ROM, it is advisable to visually verify that the features on the license are valid. One can confirm license validity by comparing the available license with a sample of a valid license. Specifically, the license file may have a problem with the TMW_ARCHIVE feature, which is the feature that is used to identify files that are to be downloaded or de-archived.