Error 1315

Information for error 1315

Error 1315 occurs each time the service account cluster is in the UPN format or the name of the user principle. The operating system on Windows contains an Active Directory where the UPN relates to the system user’s name in the email address format. The user name is the first step preceded by a symbol while ending with the internet domain name, which is affiliated with the user. The user principle name’s format is related to the internet RFC822. Errors in Windows may cause problems including the inability of the user to modify the service account of the cluster in the Windows server hosting the 2003 operating system, through the use of the cluster.exe command.

This sort of system error can be resolved by ensuring that the service account on the cluster in the UPN format is specified. This can be accomplished by clicking on the “Start” button and selecting the “Run” option after typing services.msc on the available text box. The services list contains the cluster service. The “Log on Tab” should be selected then the service account cluster typed into the account box by using the convention for universal naming format also referred to as the UNC format. The account password typed in the box by the user should be correct after which the user can select the “OK” option. The user should then receive a message requesting a restart of the service to ensure that the new logon service takes effect.