Error 1330

Information for error 1330

Error 1330 is noted in a variety of circumstances. The error applies to several items such as the Microsoft Exchange Server within the standard edition ranges of 4.0, 5.0 and 5.5. The error is generated as a result of the problems encountered by MTA also referred to as the Message Transfer Agent. There is an MTA that occurs at both ends of each site connector. When the error occurs, these site connectors do not link and consequently, they are unable to send messages. When the error occurs, the user is informed that the system is unable to bind RPC over. This error also indicates that there is a log on problem.

Overcoming error 1330 should not be much of a problem. One simply needs to either update the required passwords. Alternatively, one can formulate new passwords for both domains. In addition to that, the user can opt to configure the connection in such a manner that it does not require the use of a password or create the settings such that the password does not expire. Although, this could provide a potential loop hole for unauthorized users, this can be sorted out by customizing the accounts for each individual user.