Error 1334

Information for error 1334

Error 1334 identifies a system error that means ‘No more local user identifiers (LUIDs) are available’. Error code 1334 is also sometimes displayed as ‘ERROR_LUIDS_EXHAUSTED’ and sometimes as value 0x536. This error may sometimes indicate that a certain file cannot be opened because the file cannot be located in the cabinet file ‘’. This may either be an indication of a network error in reading the ADROM or alternatively it may be a problem with the package. A user that has an operating system running on Microsoft Office 2007 may face the 1334 error code when carrying out operations involving the exporting and importing of files.

The major solution for resolving the 1334 Windows error is by providing the setup files so that the setup process runs to completion. Additionally, any missing or corrupted files inside the \MSOCache folder can then undergo replacement. For Microsoft Outlook 2007 users that installed the application from a network share, the network share must be obtainable from a user’s workstation. Whenever the 1334 error is encountered again, the MSOCache folder must be deleted so that a user is capable of running the Microsoft Outlook 2007 setup process once again. Users should select the repair option that appears in the ‘change your selection window’ during the setup process.