Error 1336

Information for error 1336

Error 1336 identifies a system error code that indicates ‘The Access Control List (ACL) structure is invalid’. The 1336 error code is sometimes displayed as the ‘ERROR_INVALID_ACL’ or as value 0x538. This error normally indicates that a problem was faced in the process of creating a temporary file required for completion of the installation process. For more information concerning the location of the temporary file should not be created and the type of error being returned, users should turn on the log in for Windows installer then try the installation process. Incase a temporary file is already present, it should be deleted as creation of an extra one when another already exists can result in the 1336 error.

The 1336 error commonly occurs when there is a lock in the update of a file. This can happen by running an R-1 job or opening Windows Explorer into an open command prompt to an installation directory. The error may also arise when there are a large number of files stored inside the Windows temp folder. To solve the 1336 system error, users should close a locked application and run the installation process again. A user should also check on the amount of disk space available in the installation drive to ensure it is enough.