Error 1350

Information for error 1350

Error 1350 simply means the system lacks the ability to perform a particular security operation on a certain object, which does not have any associated security provision. In the system the error may come as “ERROR_NO_SECURITY_ON_OBJECT”. Alternatively, it may be displayed as 0x546 on the user’s computer system. ErrorUser’s descriptions try to make modifications on the security provision, which has an affiliation with the COMport or communications using a function known as SetFileSecurity. These users usually encounter the 1350 error on Windows. There is documented proof that confirms that the 1350 error is actually a bug, which occurs in a number of Microsoft products.

The solution for this problem is not complicated. If a user wants the relevant function, which is the SetFile Security to work as required they should create a process to request the project. Alternatively they can ensure that it has on contains the permission, which is displayed as WRITE_OWNER, when the element that is carrying out the setting is the same element that has ownership of the object. Whenever objects known as Discretionary Access Control List usually abbreviated as DALC are under placement, the process for requesting the project should be the object of the owner. If this cannot be attained then the process for requesting should have WRITE_DAC permission.