Error 2869

Information for error 2869

Error 2869 is a common problem among installer packages meant for Windows Operating systems. The errors are registered by users who have installed Windows Vista on their machines. The error message usually involves detailed description pointing to the fact the windows installer cannot accept the package that one is trying to install in the system. Usually, the error code 2869 message indicates that the problem is related to the package and not to windows vista. However, Vista floats this error to any one who has no administrative privileges to install additional software into the system. This can be a bit confusing especially if the owner has all the administrative rights.

The best way to solve the error code 2869 problem is by marking the custom actions in MSI as ‘MSIbcustomactiontypenoimpersonate’. This makes it easy for the user to edit the MSI and update the type column for them to match the custom actions as required by the relevant in-script preference. This in turn will allow the user the privileges to install or uninstall programs. It also allows them to rollback or commit any software they might want to make changes to. Alternatively, the user can generate a batch file that has the MSI files. This should be run as an administrator’s file. The command prompt also presents another approach from which the user can ensure that the error code is eliminated.