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Compact PDF viewer

Adobe Reader Lite allows you to view and modify PDF files from your desktop. This PDF viewer can be used independently of Adobe Reader DC or other Adobe programs. This version of Adobe Reader works only with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8. It is lightweight at 16.6 megabytes and can be downloaded for personal or professional use.


Adobe Reader Lite cuts down on the number of features that Adobe Reader DC offers and provides only the essentials. The Annotating tool allows you to add comments to your document. This is an essential feature. Your reader will be able to give feedback on specific areas of the file, helping them to see where they should concentrate and what they should do. The highlighter is another important tool. Similar to annotations and highlights, highlights give importance to lines, paragraphs or terms.

The Fill and Sign tool allows you to add your signature to the document. The for fields are created by the creator of the PDF file. You can still draw over the page even if the program does not have optimized form fields. You can customize the program to make it easier for readers with impaired vision, blindness, or limited mobility. The Accessibility section of the Preferences menu presents options in an intuitive wizard.

This allows you to set large-type display, high contrast, and other tools to project an even more dynamic background on the screen. Adobe keeps Adobe Reader Lite separate from its cloud to make it easier for your device. This means that you can't import documents from other Adobe cloud-based applications. Text-to-voice was also excluded. It would have been an additional tool for the visually impaired.


Adobe Reader Lite didn't forgo security features that are common to all Adobe products. This is because hackers and internet sleuths can insert malicious code into a PDF file. The Security settings can be found in the Preferences section. Security is the ability to send malware or viruses to an isolated environment, which mimics an end-user's operating environment.

This keeps the threat away from your device, protecting your intellectual property and sensitive data from unauthorized persons. Adobe Reader Lite is similar to the full-featured version. However, it does not allow you to create passwords for your file. Adobe Acrobat lets you set a password, identify the author, and add other users to view, edit, or print your PDF.

Useful productivity program

Adobe Reader Lite is a program that allows users to quickly open portable document formats. It is designed to help users read and not edit their documents. If you need to sign, highlight, annotate or highlight your document, there are several editing options. It protects your device, not your document. This is important to remember. Adobe Reader Lite is a lightweight alternative to Adobe Reader DC. It only has the essential features, and it is easy to use on your computer.