Advanced IP Scanner for PC

Advanced IP Scanner for Windows

v 2.5.3850|Famatech

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Windows 10
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Network scanner that is reliable and free

Advanced IP Scanner can be downloaded on Windows OS-based devices. It is simple to use and can locate all computers within your local area network (LAN). Radmin integrates the reliable, free software. It can locate both wired and wireless devices. The network scanner can be used to access shared folders or remote control computers.

Allows you to access shared folders

Famatech developed Advanced IP Scanner, a tool that you can use for free to scan your Wi Fi or LAN network. It gives you information about all devices on the network and allows you to access shared resources. This software can also be used to remotely control all network computers.

Easy to install, scan

Advanced IP Scanner can be downloaded in just a few clicks. Installation is also very easy. After you click on the setup button, Advanced IP Scanner will ask you to choose a language before the installer can be run. If you need to scan a network using another's system, the program can be run as a portable tool.

It doesn't matter how you run the network scanning software, it is very easy to use. You don't need to enter the IP addresses of all the computers you want to scan. Instead, click on the "scan" button and the software will instantly check your local network.

User-friendly interface that is simple and clean

Advanced IP scanner opens to a large scan button with a simple interface. The main window contains a results tab as well as a section for favorites. Here you can view your router's logs and use the subnet scanner buttons. The results tab lists any hardware detected by the software during its scan. You can adjust the scan speed, or limit the number of devices that you scan.

You can add devices to your favourite list. Once you have added all devices that you want to scan frequently to the section, the Advanced IP scanner can be used to scan only those devices and not the entire network. This function saves time and allows users to scan only certain devices. The freeware allows users to continue with a network scan, whenever necessary.

Integrated with Radmin software

Famatech's Radmin Viewer, a separate software program, is fully integrated with Advanced IP Scanner. Radmin's remote control tool, and RDP (remote Desktop Protocol) are used by the latter to scan the network and locate all devices running the corresponding server. Radmin must be installed on all computers in order to connect and control remote computers. You won't be able to control the devices in order to use file transfer and ping turn on/off commands.

Information retrieval option

The free IP scanner scans all PCs and displays details about all available hardware resources. You can view the names of all connected devices as well as their manufacturers, operating system, IP and MAC addresses. You can also see shared folders that multiple users use with the same device.

The Advanced IP Scanner scans Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. It displays first results for wired connections and then wireless connections. You can drag and drop column headings from search results to arrange them according to your needs. You can monitor the health and performance of all network devices by retrieving all information.

Remote access

Advanced IP Scanner can retrieve information about all computers connected to the network. It also has functions that admins can use remotely to manage all PCs. Remotely wake up any computer or send shutdown commands. These functions can be used simultaneously on multiple Windows machines.

Advance IP Scanner also supports HTTPS, HTTP, FTP protocols. The software can scan for NETBIOS names and groups. This function, along with remote commands to computers, is only available for Windows-based devices.

Includes file transfer functionality

Radmin can be installed to provide additional functions under the operations tab in the Advanced IP Scanner. File transfer and chat options are just two of the available features. These commands can be accessed by right-clicking any device in the scanned list or favourite list. These functions can only be performed if you have the password or username for the selected device.

What are the system requirements

Advanced IP Scanner can only be downloaded on Windows 10 devices. The network scanner software is free and can be downloaded on Windows 10.

Are there alternatives?

Administrators will find many functions in Advanced IP Scanner. Some functions of the software can only be used on Windows devices. Nmap is an open-source scanner that can detect operating systems, hosts and services.

Another option you might consider is the cross-platform, easy-to-use Angry IP scanner. SoftPerfect Network scanner is another alternative that provides many network management functions but is not free.

Do I need to download the Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a powerful, free, and robust network scanner. The program has a simple interface that is easy to use and can scan your entire network in just minutes. The only problem with the freeware tool, however, is that certain functions only work on Windows OS-based devices.

The integrated IP scanner software allows admins to remotely control and manage all connected devices. It allows admins to access shared folders and other resources, and also provides file transfer functionality. It is a fast and reliable scanner that offers many features, including the ability to create a list with your favourite devices to scan.