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Remote control and collaboration suite for smartphones and PCs

AirDroid Desktop mobile phone management software that allows you to manage all aspects of your Windows, MaxOS web browser, Android, and mobile devices. AirDroid for Windows works in the same way as WhatsApp's desktop function. However, you have full control over all your mobile software and not just the messenger.

This software allows you share mobile screens on larger monitors. This software allows for team collaboration and remote troubleshooting. It also makes it easier to sort, check, and notify files. You can even access someone's phone camera like you would a wireless remote camera.

Is AirDroid available on PC?

AirDroid for Windows is the only platform that supports this suite of tools. Desktop tools are only available in their default state for Windows PCs. However, there may be modded software available online for Mac users. These tools are used primarily for business purposes, so licenses are available at a rate per device.

Is AirDroid Free?

Independent users and small businesses may find the free trial useful. This program can be used to mirror, control and screencast smartphones. However, it can also be used for Chromebooks, set top boxes, POS systems and digital signs.

Can I spy with AirDroid?

Yes, you can spy on people's phones with this piece of collaboration software. However, this software is business/management enterprise software. Employees must agree to have their devices monitored or controlled. You must ensure that your office is secure and that AirDroid users are not allowed to access your business information.

This software can be used with both phone data and a connection to a Wi Fi network. This mobile monitoring program can be run through a local LAN network, which will prevent the information from being sent to a third-party server. To make the program work, however, you will need a connection.