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Convert any video free of charge

Any Video Converter is a safe, open-source and free application by Anvsoft Inc. It allows you to convert any video file so that standard multimedia players can support them. It can convert any downloaded content from the Internet into a usable format.

Handles videos from all sources

AVC is a powerful video converter that includes a variety of useful features and tools. It is easy to convert videos into any format and they will play seamlessly on any device. This software can convert videos into almost any format, and it will work on all devices.

An intuitive interface

Any Video Converter's latest version features a new interface that is quick, powerful, and easy to use. The main window contains all the features. The app will open with a few helpful tips. These will help you navigate through the various tools.

To make it easier to convert or play videos, the interface is divided into two tabs. To add a new clip or drag files directly from your desktop or file-manager, click on the 'Videos" button. After a trial, you can import and convert videos in no time.

You can also use the clipping button next to each uploaded file to further customize your video. This will open a mini-player that allows you to view the footage and make your own decisions about where it should end. This is great for trimming unnecessary content and would be a great addition to an app like this.

The magic wand tool allows you to crop the video, add watermarks, and apply filters. These filters can be used to enhance the video or add more intense effects. Any Video Converter Premium includes additional tools, such as the ability remove DRM protection.

Batch convert any format

Any Video Converter is true to its name. It can convert clips from all formats, including MOV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. It can also convert videos to the MP3 format.

Converting files into these formats will allow you to access them from any iOS or Android mobile device or tablet. You can quickly access the format that you need, regardless of whether you own an iPhone, Android or Samsung device, Roku, Roku, or another device.

AVC doesn't require you to know the video codec, bitrate or audio codec, sample rates, frame rate, or framerate. All you need to do is input the device you want.

AVC can convert multiple videos at once, so you won't feel any lag. It doesn't take up much memory. You can continue browsing the news or watching videos in your browser. You can also do more complex tasks simultaneously, like designing a website.

Record videos

Video recording is one of the many solutions AVC offers that other converters do not. Many sites won't allow you to download videos due to encryption algorithms. This software uses technology to detect video playback, and will mark it with an orange rectangle. To start recording, you can use a hotkey. It works in the same way as a screen with a pre-cropped view. It won't take away the playback features such as the timeline and buttons that you'd find if you go fullscreen on YouTube.

AVC correctly detects the video area on most online streaming video sites. If it does not detect the video area correctly, you can manually adjust it to suit your needs. AVC will record audio with the video and save it as an MP4.

A powerful YouTube downloader as well as DVD ripper

The software also offers an online video download feature. Users simply need to enter a URL taken from YouTube or Vimeo.

You can download YouTube videos from other programs, but you will need to install a plugin. AVCdoes a much better job. AVCdoes a true path detecting script to find available downloads for the pasted YouTube URL. The program will then allow you to choose the format and quality that you prefer.

AVC can also be used to rip DVDs. Ripping DVDs without violating copyright is possible.

AVC claims to respect the film company and artist rights, and it strives to not violate them. You should not copy DVDs to be used commercially.

Buggy Playback

It works flawlessly when it comes to the application's conversion utility. Video playback is another feature of AVC. To view any video from your computer, you can click the "Play" tab. You can even view a live preview of a clip before it is converted.

This function is not as smooth as Quicktime or VLC Media Player. Sometimes, you may see a blank screen while trying to play a video. All controls are working normally.

A good converter

AVC is fully-featured and completely free. It's also more powerful than most professional video converters. This powerful encoder lets you rip files from CDs or download them from popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Quicktime.

You can add filters and effects to your videos, share them with your network, or burn them onto a DVD in almost every format. You can download and convert videos in bulk and enjoy a wide range of clearly-presented features.

Handbrake and Full Video Converter are alternatives to this program.