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Autoruns for Windows

v 13.100|Microsoft SysInternals

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System Tuning & Utilities
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Microsoft SysInternals
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Accelerate the startup of your computer

Autoruns is a utility program that will make your computer's startup process more efficient and faster. The program is designed for Windows and features a comprehensive interface that allows you to view information about all programs that run automatically at startup. You can also explore and disable browser addons, devices, autostart services, and many other tabs. The program is available for free and is suitable for tech-savvy people.

What are Sysinternals Autoruns and how do they work?

Autoruns allows users to see which programs and processes start automatically when they open their computer. Autrouns is part of Microsoft Sysinternals utilities and gathers a lot information including login sequences. Locations, associations, registry keys, shell menu extensions, and registry keys. These details allow you to easily disable unwanted items from running during startup.

Autoruns not only lists programs that start during startup but also provides information about add-ons that load whenever you open your browser. This information can be used to identify extensions and toolbars that are often added to spy on people. The program can also be used to identify hidden malware and viruses in services. The program is free to use and has a comprehensive interface that tracks all installed programs and processes.

The interface might seem complex.

You'll see a busy interface when you launch Autoruns. It has many rows and tabs. Each tab has its own icon and label, increasing confusion. You will need to go through each tab individually in order to fully understand the application and all its features. The interface may be confusing if you are not familiar with Windows.

Autoruns hides all Windows programs that are necessary to start the computer. It's important to be careful when using this powerful tool. Otherwise, you could end up disabling essential applications. Before you can use the application's command line, it is important to familiarize yourself with processes, notifications and all tabs.

You can disable items easily

It starts much faster if there are fewer programs running while the system is starting. Autoruns integrates with deep knowledge of monitor startup and displays a list all auto-start programs and services. It will also show you any apps found in the startup folder, RunOnce and Run, as well as any Registry keys it finds. You can also use entries to control the order in which programs are run during startup.

To disable any program or process, you simply need to uncheck the ones that you don't want. After you have removed all checks from any apps you don't use, you can close Autoruns and reboot your computer. Some malware entities can monitor your computer's location and allow programs to be started during startup. This can be tracked by scanning your computer and making sure that all programs you have disabled are still active during startup.

Explore different tabs

You can access up to 19 tabs when you download Autoruns Windows. Each tab provides useful information that can be very helpful. The WinLogon tab displays all processes that start automatically during startup. The Explorer tab shows all addons that load when your web browser is opened. You can check if any browser extensions are spying upon you.

Autoruns also displays auto-start services that may be hiding pesky malware. It allows you to identify and disable these programs, and then uninstall them later. Another tab displays a list of drivers that could contain malware. The remaining tabs provide information about several other parts of your computer. It's important to verify that the items you want to disable are not necessary.

Are there alternatives?

Autoruns is a powerful tool, but it can be a bit confusing. StartupStar, Glary Utilities and Process Explorer are good options if you want to explore other options.

Do I need Autoruns?

Autoruns is a free tool that will help your Windows PC start quickly and smoothly. It is a Sysinternals utility that you can use to disable unwanted programs and processes from being started during startup. It is simple to disable programs and processes.

The program has a complex interface and can cause damage to your computer. To get started, you can download the program and learn about auto-start programs and tabs that identify any malware.