BlackBerry Desktop Manager for PC

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Windows

v 7.1.0.B42|BlackBerry

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Windows 7
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BlackBerry Desktop Manager - Synchronizes Between BlackBerry devices

BlackBerry Desktop Manager is an application that protects your BlackBerry's data and prevents it from being lost. BlackBerry Desktop Manager isn't a standalone program, but a collection of tools that are specifically tailored for your BlackBerry. The application is very user-friendly. It has three tabs: Applications (Device), User (User), and it simplifies navigation. This interface allows you to perform almost all functions of your BlackBerry, including changing your PIN, unlocking or locking the screen, managing folders, password management, and synchronizing your calendar. BlackBerry Manager is a unique feature that comes with the device.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager allows you to sync your calendar with Windows. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager automatically searches for the correct schedules in your Windows calendar and updates the schedule for your BlackBerry. BlackBerry Desktop Manager can be downloaded from the BlackBerry World website. Once installed, BlackBerry Desktop Manager will synchronize your calendar on your Windows-based PC. Every time you make any changes to BlackBerry settings, the synchronization takes place automatically. You might want to modify the following settings: date/time stamp; automatic reminder/scheduling (e.g. remind me to invite my boss by 6 PM on Tuesday), next activity, double tap to go back or swipe left/right for progress.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager allows you to see which files are missing and when they were lost. It also automatically creates a backup for all files on your BlackBerry device, before they are deleted. This means that even if your phone is lost, you can still access your important files. You can also manage your folder hierarchy and create subfolders. This will make it easy to duplicate any folders in the future. BlackBerry Desktop Manager can also sync your calendar so you can keep your business running smoothly even if you're not at your computer.