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Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla Project, is the creator of Brave. It is an ultra secure, open-source web browser that is built upon Chromium/Blink. It aims to remove intrusive ads and block website trackers. It will replace them by ads that are sold to Eich's company.

The browser also aims at improving your online privacy by sharing less information with ad customers. It targets web ads by analysing users' browsing history. Brave will retain 15% of ad revenues, pay content publishers 55% and ad partners 15%, and (this is the best bit) give 15% to browser's users'. Through a micropayment system, you, the user, may then donate to bloggers or other web content providers.

Brave was designed to block trackers and ads, which can slow down your browsing speed, use your bandwidth, and attempt to access your private information. To help Brave users and website owners, the developers aim to show targeted, clean ads.

Brave comes with a few security tools that will help you protect your privacy. Brave integrates HTTPS Everywhere to ensure that your connections to websites are secure. You can also block tracking pixels and track cookies with the browser. Additionally, Duck Duck Go can be set as your default search engine instead of Alphabet's.

Brave is a fast web browser with a clean interface that is easy to use and fun to navigate the web. We were able navigate to our favourite websites in no time at all during testing. The security tools are excellent, and it's a bonus that you can give back to the community. Brave is definitely worth a look. Avast Secure Browser may be an alternative.

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