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How to uninstall a program that installs a new registered company bus driver on Windows

SCS Software, a Spanish company, developed Bus Driver, a realistic bus driving simulation. The game was released on Microsoft Windows, MSN, and OS X on Apple's iPhone on June 20, 2021. In February 2021, the App Store launched a free iOS port called Bus Driver Pocket Edition. You can also play the game on Android devices by using a jailbreak app, which was created by hacking into the "NSA BlackBerry” software. SCS Soft now offers an official port for both iOS devices and Android devices.

You can use the Add/Remove Programs feature in your control panel to uninstall bus driver 1.5. Go to the Programs and Features section of your control panel and click "Install/Uninstall". After you have selected the program you will see a list with all items in that category. To remove an item from your computer, select it one at a moment. This option works on all operating systems so it shouldn't cause any problems.

After you have successfully installed the driver, restart your computer and open the Start menu. Navigate to "Programs", and click on the "Utilities" category. Select the bus driver entry and you will be presented with a list of programs to load before the driver can properly be used. Click on the "Start” button to return to the control panel prompt. Here you can choose "Control Panel ..."".