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Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7
ExtraBit Software
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ExtraBits is an extension that comes with Windows and is free to use for the File Explorer app. This was previously known as Windows Explorer in older versions of Windows.

The following are the main commands:

    Copy Filenames.This action copies the names of the selected files or folders to the Windows clipboard.Copy Filename with options.This action creates a dialog, which allows you to set what file attributes are copied.Paste Filename.This action renames a file or folder with the text located on the clipboard.Multi Rename.This action allow you to rename numerous files and folders simultaneously.Extract Folder.This action moves all the files and subfolders out of a selected folder, and proceeds to delete the empty folder.Delete Empty Folders.This action scans the selected folder for any empty folders, and lets you delete them.Configure ExtraBits.This action allow you to configure which of the ExtraBits commands are shown, and how they are shown; either in the ExtraBits sub-menu, or in the main context menu.

ExtraBits is where it shines. It adds a few commands to the context menu which reduces the time required for normal file and folder operations. It is a time-saver if you use it regularly.

*ExtraBits can be used for non-commercial purposes with a limit on 100 files or folders.