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Focusky is software that's designed to make HTML5-based presentations quickly and easily. It is equally appealing to businesspeople and creative people.

Microsoft PowerPoint has been the dominant presentation tool for many years. But, people are looking for something more. There are many alternatives that work just the same and produce better results than MS's stale offering.

Focusky is one such alternative. It can give life to your presentation and wow your audience with little effort.

Focusky uses HTML5, which is great because HTML5-based presentations can be played on almost any device and are virtually guaranteed to look great. Depending on the topic and how interesting your presentation is. Focusky will not be able help you if you work in Human Resources. However, Focusky will not be able to help you if that happens.

Focusky can be used on many levels. Focusky works on many levels. A basic presentation can be made in a matter of minutes, similar to PowerPoint. Most users will find it easy to adapt quickly, regardless of whether they have used presentation software before.

Focusky has some really cool features for advanced users or those who want to create a powerful presentation.

There are many transitions, animations and options for multi-media integration. Focusky is also a great value as it allows you to view, access, and present your presentation from anywhere. It doesn't matter what your business is or your goals, it is extremely useful to be able to create and present a great presentation.

One of the FileHippo freelancers carries a Focusky presentation with him on his Android Phone. It contains examples of his writing and links to other online content. You will also find some photos of his dog. (We don’t know why, but it has saved him a lot over the years.)

Focusky also has strong encryption features that provide added security for confidential or secret information.

Focusky is intuitive software that can be used by anyone who wants to do simple tasks. Focusky offers many options and menus. The help sections are helpful and informative.

Key Features (not all of them available in the free version).

    3D Camera-style presentation support.Free and paid versions.Lots of library resources.Reasonable pricing structures compared with competitors.Multi-language support.HTML5 based: Can be played on just about any device or OS.Cloud-based platform.Presentations can be output as .html, .exe, .zip, .app, .mp4, or .pdf files.Focusky App.

Although Focusky's free version does not have all the features of the paid version, it is still capable of producing impressive presentations. However, the presentation size is limited.

Focusky is a powerful, intuitive, capable and worthy piece of presentation software. It is highly recommended.