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SoundCloud's Free MP3 Recorder has earned a reputation as one of the best legal options for downloading music and podcasts. SoundCloud allows producers to download their work. With the blessing of the platform creator, all original quality will be preserved and guaranteed.

This is the first standalone program that allows users to record their favourite music from SoundCloud. Its method is "entirely unique", partly due to the fact that audio is processed on the machine via stream-recording and not stream-ripping. It records audio directly from your computer's sound card and plays audio tracks in real-time.

These are the key features:

    Record music filesEasy and straightforward way to get musicDon't need any registrationTransfer downloaded music to any device

It takes only four steps to accomplish this. You must first launch the program and then copy and paste the SoundCloud link into your input field. After that, you can choose your preferred audio output format, MP3 and FLAC. Simply click 'Record' to begin recording.

You don't have to worry about any background noises from your computer, other than the audio intended for recording, being automatically disabled once the recording process starts. Once the recording is complete, all sounds will be reinstalled. It can record any number of audio tracks from SoundCloud and you can add up to three links into the queue.

Because of its ease-of-use features and excellent results, NotMP3's free MP3 recorder for SoundCloud is very popular. It is a popular choice for music fans who can create a collection of their favourite tracks and preserve the original quality. They can also legally do this.