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Creator and PDF writer is a free PDF editor for Windows XP/Vista/7/10. This lightweight freeware is less than 1 megabyte and can be run directly from the EXE file. This program's main advantage is its ability to show you what the printed document will look like as it is being created. This WYSIWYG editor simulates the appearance of the fonts and line breaks in the final pagination. It can also insert, resize, and move images and shapes onto the page.

User interface

The main window of Free PDF Editor consists of three parts: the menu bar, the toolbar, and the workspace or viewing window. The menu bar provides standard menu options such as File, Insert and Edit, Page, Help. The toolbar displays 24 tools. Although they look similar to those offered by word processing software, they are not as simple. The Insert Text icon, for example, appears as several parallel lines.

This icon is used to denote Justify Text in other word processing programs. The program compensates by allowing you to hover your cursor over the tool to display its name. The program's icons are also small. Free PDF Editor uses 16x16 icons, while Microsoft Word uses 96x96 pixels. The workspace will be more spacious if there are fewer icons. The window is taken up at launch by a blank webpage.

It looks like a blank page in MS Word, but without the text cursor. In that you will create the layout entirely from scratch, the page is synonymous with a blank page. The Insert Text tool is not available. However, the Free PDF Editor allows for media to be added, changed font size, and file format. You can add the title, subject and author to the document using the Document Options tool. These include the creation date, modified data, and the program used to create it.

Options for customization

You can also format the file properties. The default settings are A4 paper size, 210 x 297mm. The program offers three options for layout: Single page, one column, and two columns. The page modes are different than the page layouts because it alters how you see the document on your screen.

You can choose from Full Screen, Use Thumbs or Use Outlines. The program will save the same definitions, layouts and modes to multiple documents in one XML file, with the extension.fpe. These settings will be saved when your document is saved or when you click on Create PDF.

Substantial tool to support administrative work

The free PDF Editor is an alternative to paid word processors. It allows you to create and save PDFs. The program allows you to open the same file and edit it again. The program is simple and has limited tools. However, the WYSIWYG properties enable you to view your work on paper or on other screens.