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KeePassXC for Windows

v 2.6.6|KeePassXC Team

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Security & VPN
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Password management
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 8
KeePassXC Team
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Open-source password manager

KeePassXC, a password manager for Windows, is free. It secures your information in an encrypted database. It's similar to LastPass: Free Password Manager and Advanced Password Manager. It uses strong encryption protocols and doesn't require constant internet access to function. To function effectively, however, the app needs several dependencies.

You can find a QuickStart guide that will help you get started. Although password storage is its main focus, it can also save other data that you wish to keep safe. You can save URLs, notes and usernames as well as attachments.

Key features

Although KeePassXC might seem simple at first, there are many functions that you can use in addition to storing passwords. It can generate random passwords for you, making it harder for hackers to crack. It will automatically fill your credentials if you connect the app with other applications. It can also be integrated with your browsers.

Advanced password security

KeePassXC offers more advanced functions if you need it. You can create data reports that show your password health, stats, and HIBP (data breach). You can check for field references within entries and there are command-line interfaces.

Dependencies required

KeePassXC does have some runtime and dependency requirements. This is not an issue if you are using Snap Package or AppImage. These apps have everything covered. To ensure KeePassXC runs properly, however, it is a good idea to go through the entire list.

Open-source development

KeePassXC is open-source, which means that you can freely contribute to the program and share it with others. The app has basic and advanced functions, but the developers are open for suggestions.

Keep your passwords safe

KeePassXC is a great password manager and password protector with advanced features. It can be used on a local device, or integrated with your browser. It's a powerful password management tool that can also give you information about your password health.