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Free manager for MKV files

MKVToolNix, a free MKV manager, allows you to create, edit and view MKV files using a graphical user interface. Moritz Bunkus developed the freeware. It allows you to modify the application using the C++ programming language. MKVToolNix GUI can be used on all platforms, including Apple Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows PC and other Unix 32/64-bit operating systems.

What is an MKV File?

An MKV file can be used to store multimedia files. It can also be called a Matroska File. Because they can combine audio, video, as well as text content, MKV formats are very popular. MKVToolNix allows you to control the various factors contained in the MKV container format. These include subtitles, headers, visuals, and so on.

What is MKVToolNix?

MKVToolNix can be used to manipulate MKV files using the mkvextract and mkvinfo tools. MKVToolNix can demultiplex and mux data. The GUI allows you to extract and merge codecs. Splitting content can create new files. You have many options for editing the properties.

The software allows you to split up a single file into multiple files so that you can quickly access the desired part. The software allows you to extract audio, subtitles, or video from the files. The app can insert multiple subtitles in the media in different languages, such as English, Spanish, and Arabic. MKVToolNix is quick to complete the tasks and displays the progress percentage in lower right corner.

Drag and drop media files into the Input' section of your user interface to import them. The information will be displayed in the following areas: 'Source file', 'Tracks chapters and tags'. Multiple files can be dropped at once, or you can only drop one file to view the file name, container type and size.

The 'Tracks and chapters and tags' area will display the different components of the records. This area will tell you the type of multimedia, codec, language, and so forth. Depending on what action you prefer to keep or remove pieces, each piece can be selected separately. You can adjust the size of the sections using the GUI by dragging the sides.

Tabbed interfaces are available in the user interface. The tabbed interface is located next to the input. The 'Properties section will display information that corresponds with the selected item from the 'Tracks chapters and tags' list. You can modify subtitles by opening the dropdown menu beside 'Language'.

Does MKVToolNix reduce quality?

Because the utility doesn't recode content, the quality of the remade file won't change. MKVToolNix, an MP4 reader, is compatible with the AVC and AVI video formats. MKVToolNix supports AAC, DTS and Enhanced AC. FLAC, MP2, RealAudio, Vorbis and MP2. The following subtitle formats are available: ASS, PGS and SRT.

After you have selected a destination file, the job can start. When you are ready for media transformation, click on "Start multiplexing". The progress bar will show the number of jobs currently running. If there are errors or warnings, you will see the number.

Alternative apps for video handling

Avidemux, FFmpeg and MakeMKV all convert audio and video file formats. All video editors are free to download. Avidemux and FFmpeg both are open-source platforms. MakeMKV allows you to convert Blu-ray and DVD content to the MKV format. Avidemux's user interface is similar to VLC Media Player due to the area where you can view motion pictures.

A powerful MKV management tool

MKVToolNix GUI allows you to modify, generate, and inspect multi-media files. The lightweight program will save you a lot of time if you install MKV Manager onto your computer. MKVToolNix has no advertisements and is safe. You can find the current development status of MKVToolNix on their website under the tab 'Source Code'.

How do I install MKVToolNix for Windows?

The MKV free download is available as both an installer and a portable version for Windows computers. Software updates are regularly released. In the "News" section, you can find out which bug fixes were made during the most recent and previous software releases.