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Short 2D horror game

Neighbor, a classic Gameboy-style horror video game, was released in 2020. Although the story is brief, it has multiple endings and outcomes that depend on your actions. created it. You can either play it in your Windows browser, or download the ROM version to use as an emulator. It uses old-fashioned pixel graphics, and only works in green and blue.

A short story about horror

Neighbor isn't like other horror games in this style. You are a young woman moving into your new apartment. It's on top of a brownstone and should have been much more expensive than what you paid. Why is it so affordable? Soon enough, you'll find out!

Intense and thrilling atmosphere

There is a dark basement and a boarded up room, as well as a neighbor who tries to gaslight and harass you. You're either dead multiple times or have made all the right decisions by the third day. The question is: Will you be able escape the nightmare that haunts this building?

Don't be afraid to look over everything. You can save your progress automatically so that you can quickly load if you make a mistake or die. You will have to work hard if you want to discover all Neighbor's secrets.

Multiple endings

The game is short on play time but you can still get a lot more from it than the standard fifteen minutes. There are two endings to the game, but there are also some hard-to-find secrets that expand the world and the story. Neighbor is best played a few times in order to discover everything and figure out who or what you are trying to defeat.

It's thrilling, but it's short

Neighbor is a short game despite its multiple endings and replayability. This horror RPG is great if you're looking for a quick game or a long time to discover its secrets. This might not be the right game for you if you want to enjoy classic horror gameplay for several hours.