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Role Playing
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows XP
Lucas Pope
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A role-playing game

Papers, Please is a role-playing, pay-to-play game unlike any other. You play the role of an immigration inspector in a fictional country, Soviet-style. You will be responsible for checking the papers of different immigrants, making tough decisions, and following the laws.

Engaging and thought-provoking

Papers, Please's premise is simple. All you have to do is make sure that only those with valid papers are allowed into your country. This game can be played on either your Mac or Windows PC. You can also download the iOS version.

This simulation's country is reminiscent of the Cold War-era Soviet Union, with cities such as Grestin and Arstotzka. You don't make much as a character and must do your job well to avoid receiving smaller paychecks.

As an officer, your duties include reviewing documents and examining potential issues. You also have to interrogate anyone you meet. You are responsible for identifying inconsistencies, including fake documentation and expired forms.

The process becomes more complex as you play. Sometimes people will smuggle items. Other times you'll need to deal with families. The otherwise simple process is spiced up with mature themes.

You might be offered a bribe or other incentive. You'll have to make an ethical decision about whether you want to do the right thing or not.

There are two modes of gameplay. The Story Mode allows you to do paperwork and make moral choices, while balancing your family's needs with your work.

After you have completed the Story Mode, you can enter the Endless Mode with Timed, Perfection and Endurance versions. You will face more challenges and time limitations here.

This game is unique in its exploration of topics and uniqueness. Similar experiences may be found in titles like Limbs, Westport Independent, or the Republic Times.

A unique experience

Although the graphics, music, effects, and music are a bit outdated, Papers, Please is one of the most exciting, unique, and original titles. Every player will have a unique, personal experience in the game's world thanks to the storytelling aspect.