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v 1.7|Shodanon

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Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 8
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Free combination of RPG and FPS

Developer Shodanon has created Peripeteia, a free Windows game. Peripeteia can best be described as an immersive sim. Marie, the cyberized super soldier, is your main character.

You will need to use all your fighting skills and interpersonal abilities to succeed. As you move up the ranks, you will be confronted with many challenges. Sometimes you will need to use brute force. Other times, you'll interact with other characters or use stealth to sneak past enemy forces. Ghostrunner is another great option if you enjoy games that feature cyberpunk settings. If you are looking for a traditional first-person shooter in a military-style, Counter-Strike is a good choice.

What kind of game does Peripeteia play?

Peripeteia is a fascinating fusion of many genres. It allows you to switch between first- and third-person perspectives.

You will also encounter other characters in the game as part of your investigation. The game is now an RPG.

Is Peripeteia a safe download?

Yes. It is safe to download, even though it is not available through the Microsoft Store.

It's important to keep in mind that less trusted sites may offer games with potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), which can include security threats.

How much is Peripeteia worth?

Peripeteia can be downloaded for free. You can, however, make a voluntary donation to support the development of Peripeteia.

Click the Download button to open a window that will display some amounts you can pay. You can choose from one of these options or choose your own amount. You don't have to pay anything if you want to get the game for nothing.

How can I get rid Peripeteia?

You can't download it from Microsoft Store so you will need to remove it manually. Follow these steps to do this:

    Start by pressing the Start button. Type the name of your game and click the Open button. Click the right-click menu to right-click on the folder, and select Delete. Empty the Recycle Bin for permanent removal.
It's easy to play

Peripeteia is an intelligently crafted role-playing stealth-game. We feel that the developer has mastered the art of blending different genres together in a way that feels natural as you play.

The controls are simple to use and the overall effect of the sim is immersive. It's definitely worth checking out.