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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista
Daum Communications
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Free multimedia player for Windows

Potplayer is a media player for free that offers many features. This powerful application allows you to watch videos and listen audio. This freeware supports many subtitle formats, codecs, as well as 3D viewing experiences. Pot player is lightweight, so it doesn't take up much storage space on laptops and computers. Potplayer can only be downloaded on Windows PCs.

Is Potplayer safe?

It is safe to download Potplayer onto your PC. Potplayer is not cross-platform but is available for Windows computers and laptops running Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. Potplayer was developed by Kakao in South Korea, previously known as Daum. It supports DVD, HDTV and TV devices.

What is Potplayer?

Potplayer is a media player with a lot of codecs. It allows you to instantly play audio and videos in an easy-to use UI. OpenCodec allows you to add codecs that may not be already in the program.

Potplayer supports text, DVD, and Bluray subtitles. SMI Ruby tags, ASS and SSA animations can be supported. Potplayer supports 3D video on your PC or 3DTV. The platform is compatible with many 3D glasses.

Potplayer allows you to control the user experience by changing its output format. Direct3D9EX Flip, Overlay and other modes are supported. There are many options to make the user interface as user-friendly as possible. To edit audio, video and subtitles, click on the gear icon.

The control panel is divided into four tabs. The 'Audio tab allows you to adjust the volume and equalizer settings. You can adjust the brightness, color and contrast of the visuals in the 'Video' section. The UI's bottom section allows you to mark the Soften', ‘Sharpen’ and Deblock' options.

You can change the appearance of embedded subtitles by changing the font type, size and position within the Subtitle' area. The 'Playback" section of the control panel allows you to set the speed and exact spot in the video.

What is Potplayer?

The main menu is located under the dropdown menu at the upper left corner. The menu allows you to adjust your settings such as aspect ratio, frame size and full screen. The 'Video' section offers 3D viewing, 360-degree video viewing, screen capture, and video recording.

You can intuitively personalise your user experience with the home menu. To find out which version you are using and keyboard shortcuts, click on the "About" section. The main sections of the user interface are the video player and the playlist. The left section of the screen allows you to view and control your audio or video content.

The browser and playlist are located on the right side. The command keys at bottom of the right panel allow you to organize your playlists easily: 'ADD' 'DEL' 'SORT' etc. To hide the organizer so that you can only see the media, tap the three lines at bottom of the UI.

Is Potplayer more effective than VLC?

GOM Player, KMPlayer and Windows Media Player are all good options if you're looking for an alternative media player. These applications can open most file formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, and MOV. GOM Player, KMPlayer and VLC allow you to view 3D videos within the apps. GOM, KMPlayer and Windows Media Player can all be used on Mac or Windows operating systems.

Features-filled audio/video player

Potplayer is a free program for Windows that allows you to play music and video in a well-organized user interface. This versatile app allows you to stream content, view 3D videos, and take screenshots. Potplayer doesn't consume a lot of resources so you can watch content for longer periods of time.

To update your software version, go to the About> section of the main menu and click on the Check for updates’ button in the lower right corner. The software is regularly updated by the developers to fix security issues and video editor issues. Visit their official website for the most recent software updates, privacy policies, cookie information, and more.