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PPTX Open File Utility

If you are interested in the versatility of PowerPoint slides, check out PPTX Open File Program. This powerful software can recover damaged data in any circumstance and restore the structure of PPTX file. It's as easy as any other data retrieval tool. Get a free copy PPTX Open File Program for your computer and try to recover the affected data... The software's built in repair mode will remove all PPTX segments damaged from your slides. The program is easy to use even for non-technical users. You only need to download the software. It will then install itself on your computer.

PPTX Open File Tools provides a variety of tools to restore or get back data in the event of data corruption. Repair Point Utility is one of these tools. It offers data extraction and patching utility to fix corrupt PPTX files. This tool is compatible with all versions Microsoft Office. PPTX Open File Tool can sometimes fail to detect corrupted files due to the constant connection with third-party software programs, including proprietary applications. You can use the automated utility Advanced Repair Option (ARP), which repairs the damaged data structure, if this happens.

Advanced Repair Option provides a free version PPTX files cleaner with advanced options like Pattern Matching, Replace/Replace text, Replace/Remove paths/izations, Smart Replace, Smart Replace, and Remove/Remove path/izations. PPTX Open File Tool also allows you to edit directly within Excel using default fonts or text boxes. Even if Excel is not installed, this can be done. Advanced Repair Option allows you to adjust the visibility and transparency of text boxes. Advanced options also offer the ability to undo/verify data recovery from problematic spots. The best feature of PPTXOpen File tool is its integration support for third-party applications, including pivot tables, web browser, password masking, and password protection.