Samorost 1 for PC

Samorost 1 for Windows

v 1.12|Amanita Design

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Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 8
Amanita Design
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Space-gnome adventure game for free

Samorost 1 is an adventure game for Windows that features a small gnome as a central character. It's a platformer but instead of using a keyboard or controller, you can point and click with your mouse. You can download the game for free, or make a donation to the developers.

Amanita Design originally released the game in 2003. However, it has recently been remastered. The graphics have been updated and the music has been remastered, with a new soundtrack. If you enjoy point-and-click adventure, you should check out How We Know We Are Alive and Pirate Fox Detective The Case of the Conspicuous Klawz Crew.

How much does Samorost 1 cost?

It's up to you. You can click the download button to open a window that will allow you to make a voluntary donation. You have the option to choose from the suggested amount or any of the other amounts below it. You can also skip the payment and get the game immediately for free.

How can I get Samorost 1

It may be available on other websites, but you can download it from a secure link and be sure it is safe. It's possible for it to be downloaded from other sites, which could include potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) or security threats.

The process will begin automatically after you click 'Download the latest version'. Once the download is complete, extract the downloaded file to any location you choose. Next, open the application file and start the game.

How do I remove Samorost 1?

Click in your desktop search window or press the start button on your device if it's not visible. Type the name of the game. Click on "Open file location" in the search results. Windows File Explorer will open.

Locate the game folder, and then delete it. To permanently delete it, empty your Recycle Bin.

Exciting gameplay

Samorost 1 is well-constructed in terms of gameplay and aesthetics. There are no instructions or hints so you will have to experiment. The cursor will change to a cross when you hover your mouse over a click point. To trigger events, you will still need to determine the right order to click on things.

The background graphics look almost photographic, while the gnome hero (and other creatures) appear almost surreal. The artwork is strikingly different, and it doesn't distract from the game.

Samorost 1 is an adventure game that's truly unique and a joy to play.