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File Sharing
Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7
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Fast and free file sharing app

SHAREit, a file-sharing app that is free to download for Windows devices, is now available. The tool allows you to send files to another device easily without the need for an internet connection or Bluetooth device. The program also offers a faster connection than if you were using Bluetooth to send files.

What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is an easy to use software that makes sharing files between devices simple and straightforward. It transfers files without requiring users to use complicated protocols or configurations. It doesn't depend on any existing local sharing options.

SHAREit download is a cloud-based file sharing service that makes it easy to transfer files even if there's no internet connection. File sharing is also possible without the use of cables or USB devices. To get file sharing started, you only need to establish a connection between two devices. SHAREit allows you to share music, movies, and pictures with your friends. There is no limit on how large the file you can send.

Simple interface

You may have noticed a messy interface when you used the SHAREit app for your phone. The desktop app is different. You will only see one window with a QR code when you open SHAREit on Windows PC. You can immediately start the transfer by scanning this code with your phone or other device.

Files of any size can be transferred

SHAREit doesn't place a limit on file size. This is one of the best features about SHAREit. All your files can be transferred, including your playlists, pictures, and series, without any limitations. You won't have to pay any network charges because SHAREit download doesn’t use the internet for file transfers, regardless of how large they are.

Enjoy high-speed connectivity

SHAREit PC establishes a direct connection between two devices and can transfer files at 20MB per second according to the developers. Although most transfers don't move at this speed, SHAREit can transfer files from one device to the next in just seconds. This is why SHAREit is one the most widely used file-sharing applications in the world.

No change in file-quality

SHAREit doesn't lose the original quality when you move an image or song. SHAREit does not alter the quality of large files like other similar programs. This means that if SHAREit is used to send an HD movie to a friend, they will receive the movie in HD format.

In-built music player

Although you would not expect file-sharing apps to do more than just transfer files, SHAREit is an exception. The program is packed with content. You can stream music, watch videos, and play games. The app also includes a music player that allows you to play songs you have downloaded or stored on your Windows device.

Is SHAREit safe?

SHAREit doesn't encrypt files if you plan to share sensitive or confidential information. Anyone can access files you share via the SHAREit network. The app does not provide security, such as passwords and PINs. It is best to use the SHAREit network to transfer files to shared folders.

Are there alternatives?

It is very common to share files between two devices without the use of the internet. Many applications offer this service. Although you can transfer files via Bluetooth, it is not the fastest. You should also explore other SHAREit options like Zapya and Rufus.

Share files quickly!

SHAREit is an application that allows you to transfer files quickly and easily. SHAREit doesn't limit the file size you can share. This makes it an excellent choice for sharing large files or movies without worrying about data charges. SHAREit allows you to transfer files at high speeds without the need of cables or an internet connection.