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Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7
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A simple keyboard mapping tool that works with Windows

SharpKeys is a simple, free and useful Windows utility tool that allows you to change the mapping of your keyboard. You can assign keys to specific functions on your computer. The program can manage a Registry Key that allows Windows to remap keys from one key to another. A list of frequently-used keys is included in the download package. A Type Key feature automatically identifies the user's keyboard mapping.

Maps for different functions

SharpKeys allows you to change the keyboard mapping using a Registry Key. This key controls how the operating systems maps the keys. The app's keyboard list focuses on keyboards that are based in the United States and UK. This tool is quick and easy to change the keys. The program will require a reboot to work properly.

What is SharpKeys?

Sometimes you will need to replace the keyboard on your computer. You may find that the keyboard you have chosen doesn't match the keys on the older keyboard. This can lead to a waste time and cause you to click different keys in order to enter a particular command. SharpKeys is a simple keyboard program that solves these problems. SharpKeys is a program that restructures the keys of your keyboard. The software is easy to use without any technical knowledge or skills.

SharpKeys allows you to easily assign different characters to various keys on your keyboard. This Windows utility tool allows you to map the keyboard of your computer according to your preferences and needs. You can, for example, replace the Enter key by the Shift key to make it easier to edit the paragraph.

How to use SharpKeys

SharpKeys has a simpler interface than other similar tools such as KeyTweak, Free Virtual Keyboard and Google Input Tools. The installation package creates an icon on your desktop that acts as a shortcut. Launch the tool and you will be able to access the main window. This allows you to edit existing keys or create new maps. After you have assigned the keys different functions, click on "Write To Registry" to save the new mapping.

Before any changes take effect, reboot your computer or close the program. Then, re-run the keyboard software. The software allows you to add multiple functions to one key on the keyboard. The program will notify you about any changes to the mapping. It also provides a registry monitor that allows you to view a complete overview of all changes.

SharpKeys: What can you do?

SharpKeys allows you to map more than 100 combinations to one key. However, it is not a good idea to have so many functions on one key. It can lead to confusion. It's a good idea to have this level of flexibility when using keyboard mapping. This feature can be used to prank your colleagues or friends. The program has several fail-safe options that will ensure you don't accidentally get locked out.

Although the keyboard can be reprogrammed in a few clicks, the changes will only take effect once the system has been rebooted. You can also keep track of previously used keys by using the log. This Windows utility tool can be used to increase productivity and speed up your keyboard use.

Are you able to restore the original keys?

There are many ways to reverse any changes to your keyboard. You can clear the entire list and your system will reset to default. You can also delete individual entries to preserve partial changes to the keyboard mapping. Reversing changes can only be done after the computer is restarted. SharpKeys, a keyboard tool that allows you to remap the keys on Windows computers and allows you work faster according to your preferences, is worth considering.

It's a simple tool that will work with your keyboard on your computer.

SharpKeys is a lightweight package that doesn't impact your system resources. The program runs smoothly on multiple operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 2000. If you have any problems, you can easily reverse your keyboard mapping to allow you to use the familiar layout.