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Free Hypnosis Mic fangame

Shibuya Marble Texture for Windows is a free fangame. ecorust9, the game's developer, created it as a tribute for Hypnosis Mic, a multimedia project.

The plot of the game is largely fictional, but a few sections allude to Hypnosis Micro. Although Shibuya Marble Texture depicts Hypnosis Mic characters in Shibuya Marble Texture, the developer clarifies this is not an official game. Immortal Saga, which has low-tech graphics and RPGs similar to this, is another game worth considering. Genshin Impact is a more modern alternative.

What is Shibuya Marble Texture?

You and the Hypnosis team are on a mission: to find and kill Jakurai. You must first visit each of the four districts in Tokyo to find clues that lead you to Jakurai's location.

You must complete tasks in each district. Once you have completed a task, you will be given a microphone. After you have three microphones, you can move on to the next district.

Is Shibuya Marble Texture considered an official game?

It's not an official game. It is more accurately described as a fan-game.

How can I play Shibuya Marble Texture?

Before you can download the game, you will need to install RTP for RPG Maker 2000 as Shibuya Marble Texture.

How much does Shibuya Marble Texture Cost?

You can choose your price when you download Shibuya Marble Texture. A window will open displaying suggested amounts to donate when you click on the download button. You can choose from one of the suggested amounts, or you can decide your own amount. Or, skip payment altogether and get the game completely for free.

Our Take

Shibuya Marble Texture, a retro-style RPG, challenges you to think and choose the right strategy for each battle. You can also play in Game Boy mode if you prefer to be more traditional. Shibuya Marble Texture offers a relaxing way for you to spend a few hours.