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Free voice and video calling app

Skype is a free calling application that allows video and voice chats as well as instant messaging. It is very user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. Skype uses a powerful server to maintain stable connections. Most users are familiar enough with messaging apps and video calling. You can use it free of charge via WiFi or sign up to a calling plan that allows you to contact other mobile numbers.

Keep in touch

Skype was the first software to allow video calling. Modern apps use the same coding method. Its compact design makes it easy to use and attractive. Anyone with basic computer skills can quickly learn Skype. It is possible to sign up with your Google and Facebook accounts, which is always a bonus. It's now owned and managed by Microsoft. You can also tie your Skype login name with your Microsoft account. This makes it easier to access from any device.

Skype's structure is very similar to other popular messaging apps such as Viber or Whatsapp. The Messenger app on Facebook has the exact same layout in terms emojis and reactions as Skype. Skype has many of the same features, but with a unique twist. You can invite anyone to join your Skype call. To text or call other mobile numbers, add credits to your account. You can go on and on.

Text and call

Skype has many features that users don't know about. They are more of a bonus rather than a necessity. One of these features is the ability to host a conference call, and invite anyone by using the Meet Now button. You don't have to have Skype to invite people. You can simply send the link to your conversation to them and they will be able to talk to you from their browser. This is a great feature that doesn't require any installation and encourages people to download the app. The app allows you to hold meetings on the move from your Android or iOS devices.

All calls and texts are free provided that all parties are connected to Skype. You can add credits to your account to make calls to landlines or mobile phones. Skype offers many bundles and monthly plans, although the rate per minute is usually high for this type of service. You can also send SMS messages using the same method.

Simple interface

It is simple to navigate. The left-hand side displays all of your active friends and recent conversations. The program's color palette is simple to use and clearly distinguishes between sections.

You have the choice of either Light or Dark Mode. You can also change "theme colour", which changes the accent colors applied to selected buttons.

There are many options in the options menu. You can adjust the emoji size in messages, test your microphone, speakers and camera, as well as adjust settings for making or receiving calls. Skype credits can be added to your account for making phone calls.

Stylized functions

Popular platforms like Whatsapp and Messenger have most of the interface features you need, including stickers and emojis. These features are available in a more creative format on Skype. The emojis are lively and never stop communicating their feelings. The number of reactions is much greater than any other app. The definition of these artworks may be a problem.

Skype allows you to send video and voice messages. These features are similar to Google Duo except that you don't have augmented-reality images. You can also send files directly to friends using the chatbox.


Poor performance is one reason Skype hasn't been more popular. Although you still get timely notifications, the app is extremely slow. The loading times for your conversations and transitioning between calls are slower than the standards set by top software. The call quality is good, but screen-sharing is not as easy.

Skype allows for group chats and conference calling. Skype also offers screen-sharing, which is useful for companies that have multiple offices and can't afford in-person presentations. Group calling is not recommended due to the slow performance, even for one-on-1 conversations. It has nothing to do w/ your bandwidth or RAM. The app is really slow. Slype is far behind Zoom, which specializes on video chat. It's almost embarrassing when compared to Discord, which is a chat service that aims to gather users.

Is Skype dead?

Although the application is still in active development, it is losing popularity with groups that use it primarily for gaming chat. Discord offers many of the same features as Skype, but it also adds customizable servers with server-based Emojis.

Skype is still installed by default on Windows, and it still has the ability to dial mobile numbers as long you have a subscription. Discord and other similar apps don't have this feature. Skype is unique in that it brings all of its core features under one app. However, there are other apps that perform Skype's functions more efficiently than Skype.

A good toolbox

Every app has its faults. Skype must continue to work harder to compensate for its slow performance. Although the interface is attractive and clean, there is still work to be done on the graphics. Skype delivers high-quality audio for both voice and video calls, despite its slowness. Skype is stable and has lower drop rates than other calling apps such as TextNow.

Skype is a simple and solid option if you prefer it that way. This app doesn't have much to offer, but it is great for simple conversations. This may be a downgrade for those who have already used Zoom or Duo or are Instagram influencers.