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Record Audio Clips with Windows Communication Foundation

Soundboard is a free soundboard for Windows. It is usually part of the shareware category with subcategory Jokes & Distractions (more specifically Audio). It was created by Zhornsoftware. It's an audio and video recorder that is easy to use. You can record any sound from your computer or any other device you can connect to it. It can even record sound from speakers that are off. Soundboard allows you to save your recorded files directly to a hard drive or to a CD. Soundboard supports OGG format. This allows you to share your music and videos via e-mails as well as A CD, USB drive, and other media. It can be used to play VOBs or DVDs, and it can also play video.

Soundboard uses the Windows Communication Foundation to display captured data on your monitor. If you are using a custom soundboard application, you can connect it to the web server. All captured sounds will be displayed on the computer as your surf the internet. You can capture any sound from your computer using a WCF app. The sounds will then be sent to your Zyxtone MP3 player. From there, you can edit, convert, or modify them so that you can create your own sounds which can then be played in your Zyxtone.

Soundboard can be used for recording audio snippets when you're on the move. You don't need to bring a tape recorder with you. Instead, you can capture the sounds wherever you are and then have them added to your computer via the Windows Communication Foundation. Once you have the WCF installed on the computer, you will be able to edit the captured sound and convert it to MP3 or other editing programs. After you are satisfied, you can save the file and then convert it back into an audio file. You can then use custom soundboard programs like Zyxtone, to enhance the sounds coming through your Zyxtone receiver and wireless microphone.