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Video Splitter - The simplest way to capture your web-video sources

SplitCam is a high-tech, multi-functional mobile-phone-split-view camera app that lets two people talk simultaneously on both devices (iOS and android). Appsense Mobile Solutions Ltd created it. They specialize in creating user-friendly mobile apps for entertainment, education, and travel. Splitcam combines live streaming and on-demand video streaming to provide users with a real-time experience in multi-party video conference. Splitcam uses the Split Cam Engine, a patent-pending technology that allows video chatting. Splitcam integrates with the rest to fully support Windows PC. Splitcam is not only for desktop conferencing; it can also be used to video chat, web conference, and telemedicine.

Splitcam's interface is simple to use and allows you to quickly access basic functions like the cam mode, sharing, timer, volume controls, and timer. You can enhance your video quality by using various effects and filters. You can also adjust the color settings to your liking. Splitcam's latest version includes an enhanced video recording feature. This allows you to capture still images and convert them into video files. This saves space. Video files can be edited and various effects applied such as panning and picture blurring.

Splitcam allows you to capture unlimited videos and then convert them into mp3 music files. You can edit the videos and add text, subtitles, or both. Splitcam can be enhanced with third-party plug ins. These add-ons can be used to control the volume and duration of audio input and output, as well as the volume of video recordings. There are many free software programs that can enhance your video capture experience such as Camtasia and Screenflow, Picasa and VLC Splitter.