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A remote desktop application

TeamViewer is a secure, free software that allows remote control, desktop sharing, file transfer, and remote control. It is highly recommended by IT managers as a secure and comprehensive PC access program. This software allows employees to seamlessly collaborate through their computers.

Features for virtual collaboration

TeamViewer allows remote access and can be expanded to allow multiple users to work together through their computers. The software allows team members to meet virtually and brainstorm together.

The software offers impressive multi-platform capabilities, advanced security models, and a complete set of remote access options.


You will need to install a 23 MB application in order to install TeamViewer on both the host and guest systems. The program can be run via web-based control without the need for installation. For remote printing, you will be asked if your desire to add a TeamViewer printer drivers.

For added security, users can add a TeamViewer VPN. You can also integrate the interface with Microsoft Outlook. To set up the program you will need to create an account.

It is easy to do and takes very little time. Once both the app and remote computer are installed, you will be able to establish a connection and access the program's extensive feature set.


TeamViewer's interface is similar to Microsoft Remote Desktop in many aspects. It is clean and easy-to-use. It has a central control bar that allows you to quickly access any actions. A small taskbar window will appear that allows users to access all the tools. You can also see who is controlling your computer.

All activity on an account is recorded and logged through the web portal. There are all registered endpoints. The web portal has a simple design with the menus to the left and information panels to the right.

What is TeamViewer used to do?

This program has a wide range of remote access tools. Chat with others easily by using the chat feature with notes or VoIP, annotating the screen and inviting others to join a session.

The app can record audio as well as video. You can also make voice calls to your connection partner. TeamViewer can be used to access remote scripts, take screenshots, and transfer files up to 2GBs. Secure links can be added to it by using it as a VPN. Outlook integration can be used to schedule meetings or webinars.

You can also make phone, VOIP, or video calls, and create presentations for sharing. This virtual desktop lets you do all of this without having to be physically present at a computer.

This remote connection tool has a remarkable feature: you can customize the system to meet your organization's needs. The system supports cross-platform access on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Chrome OS and Android. It also supports iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS and Blackberry devices.

TeamViewer offers a multi-monitor support system that allows you to see each monitor individually, as a super desktop. This makes it easy for you to navigate between sessions. This is a great feature for the workplace as you can have multiple sessions open to all the computers you need.


The software uses a complex security model. Traffic uses AES256-bit encryption and an https/SSL. This makes it difficult for anyone to intercept data sent over the internet or LAN. A 2048-bit RSA public/private key is also exchanged between sessions and centralised master servers.

TeamViewer offers two-factor authentication. For additional security and lockdown solutions, you can select 'Trusted devices. Any unusual activity will trigger a password reset via email only.

Software plans and their costs

TeamViewer's advanced tools are not free. There are three plans available. The plans are charged annually and include a monthly fee. You will need to purchase an annual package if you want to add mobile capabilities.

The TeamViewer-free Personal Plan is limited in remote access features. You will have limited access to file sharing and other tools, but you can connect with friends and family.

The solid option is the 'Single user' plan. The 'Single User' plan allows you to access one user and unlimited computers. However, each user can only have one concurrent session. The 'Multi-User account' is a premium license that will grant you similar access for multiple licensed users.

Although the team plan is quite expensive, it comes with a corporate licence. The corporate license allows for three concurrent sessions as well as remote capabilities. It is similar to the other licenses. The limit of three concurrent sessions is too low for those who need to scale up. IT managers who need to access multiple sessions at once will have to pay for an upgrade.

If you are looking for a free alternative, TeamViewer can be used by anyone who uses AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop or LogMeIn. These programs are often less powerful than TeamViewer, but they are still much more affordable.

Remote control at its best

TeamViewer is a great remote access solution, despite its limitations. The tool is both functional and performant, making it easy to use across platforms and devices. It was designed to bring together workers and it can do exactly that. You can connect with remote computers to collaborate online.

This program is still the best in global remote connectivity solutions, despite its high price tag. You can try the program by signing up for the TeamViewer Free Plan for personal use. The latest version includes enhanced communication, security and file-transfer capabilities. Each year, an update is released.