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Fast Copy Paste - Free Program

TeraCopy allows you to copy large files at high speeds. This program is useful for file transfers, large file sizes and moving files from different hard drives. It works on Windows XP and Windows 8. Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 10. Code Sector offers a more controlled method of transferring files.

Copy files in a blink

Copying large files can be a pain. Not only does it take a lot of time, but also the whole process of selecting, dragging and pasting can be quite stressful. The entire process can be interrupted if it is not completed. TeraCopy makes copying and pasting a controlled, simple, and secure process.

An interface appears with tabs for the File list, Target and Options. The Log is also available. You can check the files after copying and pasting to verify that they are identical. The file's current location and destination can be viewed in the same window. A status bar displays the progress. You can also choose to be asked for confirmation if drag and drop has occurred so that the wrong files don't get copied.

The workflow is simple and intuitive. All aspects of the process are easily visible by switching tabs. The program integrates Shell, so users don't need to use File Explorer to find files. The Interactive file list shows corrupted transfers that have failed to be copied. You can also fix the problem and copy the file again. This eliminates the need to manually check the copied files at destination.

What are the best parts about TeraCopy

TeraCopy is one the fastest programs to copy and paste files. TeraCopy is faster than other programs like Robocopy, Utracopyr, Explorer, Super Copier and many others in terms of copying speed. TeraCopy can copy large files up to gigabytes in 1-2 minutes

TeraCopy does more than just copy and past, it ensures that the copied file arrives at the destination without corruption. The files can be repaired or copied again if there is any corruption or error. TeraCopy's interface is clean and transparent. One can navigate from the file location directly to the destination simply by switching tabs

Shell integration is extensive. You won't need to use File Explorer to perform basic copying or pasting functions. You don't need to open multiple windows for drag and drop. All actions can be done within TeraCopy. TeraCopy has a unique feature that can generate timestamps for when the file was copied. This allows us to trace the file back to its original location and file.

TeraCopy can cut down on tedious processes and piecemeal copying. It also keeps a record of the locations and times the files were copied from. The status bar shows the progress but you don't need to monitor it. You can verify the copy and paste to make sure that no file was lost or corrupted. This saves you a lot of time checking the pasted files manually.

What is TeraCopy's problem?

TeraCopy can sometimes crash when working with large files. It also tends to slow down when copying larger files. Sometimes, the copying takes longer than a Windows File Explorer. Throughout the copying process, transfer speeds can fluctuate.

What is the final word about TeraCopy's future?

TeraCopy, a lightweight but powerful copy and paste program, can transfer large files from one place to another. TeraCopy is a great alternative to the default Explorer. The interface makes it quick and simple to use. The copying and pasting process is easy thanks to the clean interface and functional purpose. TeraCopy makes it easy to solve the problem of slow file transfers. TeraCopy can sometimes crash when copying large files. This could be due to the operating system. TeraCopy can be used for personal copying and pasting. It can be downloaded for quick file transfers