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TranslucentTB for Windows

v 4 hotfix 5|Charles Milette

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Windows 10
Charles Milette
4 hotfix 5
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Taskbars can be customized free of charge with our customisation tool

TranslucentTB is an application that customizes your taskbar on your Windows desktop screen. TranslucentTB allows you to change the appearance of your taskbar. TTB is a flexible program that allows you to set up specific actions. The preferences you have set will be reflected in the taskbar of your PC.

TaskbarX allows you to customize your taskbar preferences. TranslucentTB is available for free, but TaskbarX costs a fee and has more features than TTB. Taskbarx allows you to center the icons, unlike TTB. Both apps allow you to change the colour, transparency, and opacity of your bar.

What is TranslucentTB?

TranslucentTB software allows you to make your taskbar transparent or opaque. The 'Color Picker widget allows you to change the taskbar's colour. You can sync your preferences for the toolbar with your actions via the main menu. You can adjust your bar settings for the web browser window launch, Start Menu, Search, Timeline, and Search.

The action modes are called "Dynamic Windows", "Dynamic Start Menu", "Dynamic Cortana", and" "Dynamic Timeline". You can choose whether or not the bar settings will adapt to each command. You can enable or disable the commands. Except for the 'Regular while peeking' option under the 'Maximise Window’ tab, all actions have the same context menu.

For each selection, you can choose whether the taskbar will appear as normal, transparent, opaque, blurred, or fluent. The 'Color Picker Window' has an option called 'Accent Color' that lets you choose a colour for the normal and opaque themes. An ombre coloured graph will be displayed to help you choose the best color. You can also enter the colour code in both the RGB and HSV sections.

The window's bottom right corner shows a comparison of the old and new colours. A sliding scale allows you to adjust the transparency. The 'Normal" option allows you to revert the toolbar to the default Windows style. Your bar will look as if TTB was not installed by selecting the 'Normal' option.

How can I make the Windows taskbar transparent?

Clear is another option for taskbar design. This popular option will make your taskbar transparent. Clear gives your desktop screen the most clean appearance. With the 'Clear view, you can see the background behind icons. The 'Opaque" view provides a solid-coloured taskbar. The bar becomes blurry in the 'Blur" state. The Microsoft Fluent Design principles are the inspiration for the 'Fluent style.

The 'Show Aero Peek area allows you to hide or show aero peek. The 'Advanced section allows you to modify the source code. When you select an option from the 'Advanced area, a Notepad will be displayed. The Notepad allows you to make changes directly to the platform.

The 'Tips & tricks' section will open a web page in your browser that provides a user manual. TranslucentTB will launch when your OS is turned on. TTB can be launched when your computer boots by using the 'Open at Boot' option.

Is TranslucentTB malware?

TTB does NOT include adware or malware, spyware, viruses, or any other type of malicious software. TranslucentTB, an open-source project, allows you to modify the code according to the GNU GPLv3 License. Before you can install the freeware, you will need to agree with the license.

Is TranslucentTB safe

TranslucentTB can be downloaded from a secure source and is safe to use on your computer. TranslucentTB's open-source nature offers additional benefits. You can enter the code to verify your security status.

Does TranslucentTB affect performance?

TTB is a lightweight utility which does not impact the performance of your operating systems. TranslucentTB will not slow down your computer. However, it can cause problems with its functionality. TTB can personalise settings for individual actions so the taskbar might need to change appearances quickly. During rapid switches, the bar might flicker.

This is a simple way to personalize taskbars

TranslucentTB allows you to innovate your Windows taskbar. It is discreetly located in taskbar. If you don't see the icon in your taskbar, you can press the upward-facing Arrow to click on it. The commands will be displayed in a context menu.

What's new?

Software updates are inconsistently delivered by the developer on a fairly regular basis. Many issues are fixed by the new versions. It is important to ensure that you only purchase TTB from a trusted source. There are many ways to modify the app in unsafe ways.