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Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7
Cedrick Collomb
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Free manager for locked files

Unlocker is a free program that allows you to force delete, move, or rename locked files on Microsoft Windows. Cedrick Collomb developed and published the lightweight program for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32-bit and 64 bit operating systems.

What does Unlocker refer to?

Unlocker is a freeware program that unlocks locked files on your computer. It allows you to move, remove, or rename files. Windows can send error messages to let you know that content is being used when you attempt to modify a file or folder. This could be a sharing violation, for example.

Windows OS won't allow you to erase, name, or move media unless you have an application that overrides the notices. To edit files, you can use Unlocker to kill locked processes.

Is Unlocker a Virus?

Unlocker is free of malware. It is safe to download the app and install it onto your computer. The trusted utility is available as a portable and free installer.

Although the installer version promotes adware throughout the setup process, it is possible to uncheck the offer by marking "Advanced" and then selecting "Install Delta Toolbar" within the "Delta Toolbar" window. You can also download the portable edition to avoid any advertisements.

How do you use Unlocker

The setup process will provide easy-to-follow instructions on screen. Before you can use the program, you will need to agree with the license agreement. The built-in browser allows you to choose a location for installation. Before clicking 'Install', the installer will offer automatic updates and a right-click explorer extension that can be selected or deselected.

The interface is simple. It looks like a basic browser, which allows you to find files and folders. Although the interface is not intuitive, the service works well. Search the UI to find the folder or file you want to modify. Clicking on a folder will expand it to reveal all hidden contents.

Click on the media to select a selection or all of the list. Then click 'OK'. A standard window appears that allows you to choose an action. The popup screen will inform you that there is no locking handle. To view the commands, you can tap the dropdown menu at the bottom left.

You can unlock files that are locked to allow you to move them or change their names. Unlocker is used to delete files. If you don't want to execute a function you can choose 'No action' or 'Quit' in the upper right corner.

The size of the archive will determine the time required. The progress percentage will be displayed on a loading bar. When the procedure is completed, a 'Success" notification will appear. This powerful app can alter problematic files. You can check the recycle box if you have deleted content you wish to retrieve.

Applications that allow you to open files

Kaspersky Windows Unlocker, a similar application, can scan your computer to remove ransomware: viruses. LockHunter allows you to access archives that you were denied. LockHunter delivers a more detailed user experience. LockHunter allows you to see the exact conditions that lock a file or folder. Simply right-click on the item and press 'What's locking it?'

LockHunter allows you to unpack DLLS files from locking processes. LockHunter allows you to delete, move, and change the protected files using an intuitive user interface with bright icons. Unlocker and LockHunter are only available on Windows PCs and laptops. IObit Unlocker, however, can manage files on a Mac OS. In a user-friendly interface, you can edit and delete archives.

File manager for locked archives

Unlocker is a useful software that unlocks protected files on your Windows computer. Unlocker will stop any processes that block your access to content. Unlocked files and folders can be labeled, deleted, or transferred. You may get a message if you delete content. This will let you know that the media will be deleted at the next reboot.

The program is not updated by the developer on a regular basis. To receive the most recent software update, you can turn on the automatic upgrade feature.