VMware Horizon Client for PC

VMware Horizon Client for Windows

v 2106-8.3.0|VMware Inc

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Windows 10
VMware Inc
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A visual workspace app

VMware Horizon Client allows remote access to the office by seperating the desktop environment and the app. This utility is great for productivity and can be used across multiple platforms to ensure flexibility.

Virtualization is powerful

This productivity utility allows companies create virtual desktops for remote workers. VMware workstation technology ensures stability for every desktop OS that is running in a virtual machine.

Each static desktop can be transformed into a digital workspace. Horizon Client offers security with additional privacy features and centralization through a virtualization platform.

Companies can manage everything from one platform, which allows for simplified management. Administrators can provide remote desktops and apps for end-users using the 'Entitle" feature.

Broad accessibility

All users can access the data center from any device by allocating data and resources to virtual platform. This service is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. QVD Virtual Desktop is available for those who only have one OS.

This program can also be used as a Cloud service, and you can access it via your preferred Web client. Vsphere is the most popular.

Complex interface

It offers simplified management tools for virtual desktops and apps. Administrators can quickly deliver desktops to devices.

For those not tech-savvy, however, the platform can be confusing to use. Userful Multiplatform offers a simpler UI.

Administrators have more control over their workplace's security and data sharing. End-users have easy access to all relevant documents.

The platform is free to download. The Premium version offers more features and is free to download.

Handy, but could be even better

VMware Horizon Client is a good solution for managing remote offices. It also provides a flexible and secure experience for end-users. Premium features will be required by larger companies. It consumes a lot bandwidth and is too complicated for the average user.