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Video editor for beginners

Filmora Video Editor is a powerful tool for video editing for Windows users. It was originally called Wondershare Video Editor, but it was renamed Filmora after its fifth release. The video editor offers many key features, including animation, overlays and audio control. It also has multi-editing options. The video editor is well-known for its simple interface that is both intuitive and rich in features. It is suitable for both beginners and experts. It can also be downloaded on Mac OS devices.

Navigate the tool in minutes

Filmora Video Editor is an easy-to-use tool that's accessible to beginners. This means that even those with little editing experience won’t have to spend hours trying understand how it works. The tool doesn't lack features, however. It offers many world-class effects and functions that make it a great choice for advanced editors who want a simple video editing program.

Multiple entry points

Depending on your requirements, you can access the software via four entry points. Each of these takes you to a different editing mode. Filmora Video Editor offers four modes: Easy, Action Cam and Instant Cutter. Each mode is equipped with a set of tools that are specific to the task at hand. Once you start, you cannot switch between them.

Drag-and-drop interface

Filmora is considered to be one the easiest video editing tools. It has a simple interface and workflow. The timeline is located at the bottom of the screen. This is the primary dashboard. Drag and drop images, videos and music to arrange clips in the order you want. You can also access all other functions such as transitions, filters, and animations from the front.

Comprehensive features

Filmora Video Editor has a variety of features that can be used to create professional-looking videos. It includes animations, GIFs and music that can be used to enrich videos and movies. You can also add overlays, crop footage and change the size of clips. You can also adjust the playback time. The video editing software includes a variety of filters, including a mosaic function and tilt-shift.

Audio equalizer function

The video editing software download includes an audio equalizer function that allows users to adjust instruments and vocals to achieve the best audio. This feature allows you to reduce the volume of an existing clip and add audio effects that shift the focus of your audience.

Built-in screen recorder

This video editor is great for creating tutorials that capture functions on the screen. It also comes with a built in recorder that records your screen and saves it to the library. To edit, crop or assess the video, you can drag it to your timeline. The software allows users to record videos with existing webcams in addition to on-screen recording.

Streamlined editing

The Filmora Video Editor for Windows includes a preview option that allows users to compare the before and afterwards versions of their creations. This mode allows you to simultaneously view the videos with a stacked or side-by-side display. If you are unhappy with the editing, you can click on the Undo or Redo button to save the output.

Multiple file formats supported

The video editor supports many file formats for importing or exporting content. Filmora supports many file formats, including MP4, MKV MOV, MOV and AVI. You can also import media from Facebook and Instagram using different methods.

Perfect for content creators and influencers

This easy-to-use software allows you to edit and upload videos on YouTube, Instagram, and other social networks. It includes all the necessary tools to create professional-looking videos with many effects, text, transitions, and text. It also allows users to access stock images and music which makes it easier to collaborate and create. The video editor also offers tutorials for both beginners and advanced levels so that you can quickly master its many functions.

Free trial available

Filmora Video Editor Windows is not free. However, it offers a full-features trial period that allows users to explore the platform and decide whether it's right for them. The trial period is free of limitations. However, videos are watermarked with the brand banner. Subscribers to the software's payment method get a permanent licence, round-the clock support, and a few extra effects.

What are the system requirements

Windows 7 and higher users can download Filmora Video Editor to their 64-bit computers. The minimum required graphics card for the software is Intel HD Graphics 5500 or higher. You will need at least 10GB of free space and 4GB RAM to install the software. A RAM of 8GB is required if you plan to edit HD or 4K video. Although editing can be done offline, you will need an internet connection to register.

Are there alternatives?

Filmora Video Editor is not the only one that has this feature. If you are looking for a Windows alternative with many features that are suitable for both advanced and novice editors, MAGIX Vegas Pro and Shotcut might be a good choice.

Do I need to download Filmora's Video Editor?

Filmora is a great video editor that's easy to use and packed with features. Filmora supports many file formats, making it easy to import and export content. The software also features drag-and-drop editing, which simplifies and streamlines the video editing process. You don't need any training to use the dashboard. You can quickly grasp it and start creating videos almost immediately.

You can also access stock music and images with ease through the tool. The dashboard has many elements that allow you to edit, trim, add text, control and equalize sound, and configure transitions. You can create professional videos in no time. The Filmora Video editor is not free, but you can still explore the full-featured trial.