This week, Dell is expected to begin a layoff program which may result in as many as 15,000 people losing their jobs.

The PC manufacturing giant has been going through a significant corporate restructuring operation, which has resulted in cuts being made to every department in the company. The past year has not been gentle on Dell, with profit margins slumping following the consistent drop in PC sales around the world. The shifting focus of Dell’s business plan from traditional manufacturing towards more user-based services could render a number of departments within the company irrelevant.

Reportedly, Dell is offering a severance package of two months’ wages, along with an extra week for every year employed, a 75% bonus, and 18 months health insurance for those residing within the US.  Some sources close to the company have even gone as far as to say that the final figure of layoffs will be even higher than the staggering initial figure of 15,000.

Also departing the company will be Dell’s Chief Financial Officer, Brian Gladden, who will be leading to “pursue career interest outside of Dell.”